Alex Rider is the story of an ordinary teenage boy dragged unwittingly into the dangerous and morally compromised world of international espionage – a reluctant hero forced to become an agent for the British government. Based on the phenomenally successful novels by Anthony Horowitz, the series expands on the books, introducing new characters and exploring the world of high-stakes espionage with a gritty and contemporary tone.

When his uncle and guardian, Ian, is killed in a car crash, teenager Alex starts to doubt the story he’s given by the police. He investigates the accident himself… and what he discovers turns his world upside down. The crash has been faked; Ian’s death has been at the hands of an unknown assassin. What’s more, far from working in an investment bank as Alex has always believed, it becomes clear that his uncle was in fact an agent for the British Secret Service. Everything Alex has believed about his family and his past is a lie.

Stumbling into the world of spies brings Alex to the attention of the shadowy Department – Ian’s employers, a secretive subdivision of MI6. They see in him a potential asset – deniable, expendable, and – it turns out – unusually capable. Because Ian hasn’t just been keeping secrets from Alex. He’s also been training him in the skills necessary to make him an exceptional undercover agent. Alex has never realised it, but he’s been prepared for this moment his whole life…

Before he knows it, Alex is blackmailed into working for the Department, given a cover identity as the son of a billionaire, and thrust into the terrifying world of Point Blanc Academy – a school for off-the-rails teenagers located in the remote French Alps. Somewhere in here, he is told, he’ll find the answer to who killed his uncle. Alex, aware that the Department are using him as a means to an end, doesn’t know who to trust; but once inside Point Blanc, the issue becomes one of simple survival. Students here change overnight – from wayward, angry teen rebels into placid, eerily perfect versions of themselves – and it won’t be long until Alex is subjected to “the process”. Unravelling the unnerving mystery of the academy and its sinister head, Doctor Greif, will require all of Alex’s skills – and also force him to trust not just his friends, but himself.

With international locations and cast, peril lurking in the shadows, a conflicted hero, and blurred lines between the good guys and the enemy, Alex Rider takes us on a dark and thrilling journey to save the world.


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Lynda Leow
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