Adapted from Bernard Cornwell’s best-selling The Warlord Chronicles trilogy of novels, The Winter King is a bold and revisionist take on the well-loved Arthurian legends.

In fifth-century Britain, having been banished by his father High King Uther, Arthur Pendragon returns to his homeland of Dumnonia to keep the peace until his infant brother is old enough to take the throne. He is reunited with Nimue, a powerful druidess, druid leader Merlin who looked over him growing up as a bastard son, and Derfel, a young man who Arthur rescued as a child from a Saxon death pit.

As he steps into his role as reluctant leader, Arthur discovers that there is doubt over his intentions, and that maintaining peace amongst the warring British tribes with the Saxons encroaching ever further is a gargantuan task. As he tries to forge allegiances in order to hold back the Saxon incursion, he is beset by unexpected challenges from within, some from those he believed closest to him.

Nimue and Derfel, who share a close bond and deep love, are separated as Nimue follows her own path and defends her Pagan religion against the rise of Christianity. Derfel throws himself into his quest to become a warrior, and dedicates himself to Arthur and his attempts to maintain peace and defend Britain. Both he and Nimue plan to one day exact their revenge on Gundleus, the King of Siluria who killed Derfel’s mother, leaving Derfel for dead in a death pit, and attacked Nimue in his attempts to murder the infant king.

Arthur meets Guinevere on the eve of a strategic marriage to Ceinwyn, the tribe King Gorfydd’s daughter, and their love affair changes the course of both his life and the future of the country. He is forced to make decisions with massive ramifications which compel him to face the trauma and wounds of his past so that he can move forward with his vision of a united Britain. As he tries to rationalise the fallout, he discovers that the enraged Gorfydd is forging an alliance with the Saxons, and Britain itself is in jeopardy.


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